Dear Friends of Germany For Bernie,

While we are all coming to terms with the fact that Bernie has suspended his campaign, we would like to take a moment to say THANK YOU.

Thank you for your tireless efforts – for making calls and sending texts for Bernie, for organizing events with us, for helping people realize their right to vote and for spreading information about the important issues that we are faced with. A special thank you is owed to everyone who got out the vote for the Global Presidential Primary and helped us score a massive win for Bernie across the globe.

We understand that many people are disappointed that the campaign will not go on as planned – but we would also like to let you know that the revolution is FAR from over. The country, world and individuals need us now more than ever. And we can move forward in many ways. We can help workers organize during this crisis, we can push for progressive candidates and last but not least we can still vote for Bernie as he remains on the ballots for the upcoming primaries.

Living abroad does not mean that one cannot be politically involved and all of you have proved that. Issues like Medicare For All, Climate Change, Fair Wages and Criminal Justice Reform are not confined by state borders. Our solidarity extended across the Atlantic and it will continue to do so. For this reason, we ask you to bear with us as we figure out how our group can continue to push progressive issues in the most effective way possible. As always, we of course appreciate your input in this matter and remain open to suggestions.


Your Germany For Bernie Team


Bernie’s announcement, 08.04.2020, 11:45 EST
The campaign ends, the struggle continues – Full Transcript and Video link

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Bernie Sanders has scored a decisive win in the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary!
More votes were cast in Germany in-person than any other country.

Total votes: 5268
Bernie: 3248 (62%)
Biden 1086

Thank you to ALL volunteers and supporters for helping us get out the vote for Bernie!

Detailed breakdown of the Global Presidential Primary Vote by country and demographics.