ADAM BRESNAHAN for DA Delegate for Bernie Sanders


Germany for Bernie is proud to support Adam’s candidacy to be a delegate for Bernie Sanders at the 2020 DNC. Adam has been a tireless volunteer with the campaign since 2019, making thousands of calls and training numerous volunteers to get on the lines with him. He was not afraid to initiate canvassing drives which has no doubt contributed to the highest in-person voting numbers in Germany as well as a resounding victory for Bernie in the DA Global Presidential Primary.  

Adam has been an inspiring member of the group and we believe his drive and unwavering commitment to progressive policies will make him an ideal delegate for the Bernie Sanders campaign.

Adam arrived in Berlin as a Fulbright scholar for German Literature and works as a translator and copy editor.

Following is a statement by Adam as well as a testimonial from one of our lead organizers Claire Lops. 

Adam’s Statement

My name is Adam Bresnahan. I was intensely engaged with the grassroots Germany for Bernie. Alongside canvassing in Berlin, I regularly participated in our weekly phonebanking sessions, when we made over ten thousand phone calls and sent over one hundred thousand texts to voters in Iowa, Nevada, Michigan, and other states. I am experienced at getting out the vote and am well-networked in Berlin and Germany.

I am campaigning to be a delegate for Senator Sanders because I want Medicare for All to be on the Democrats’ platform. Those living in countries with robust healthcare systems know that things can be better than they are in the States. Our first-hand experiences are going to be important conversation starters at the convention. At the same time, universal healthcare in the US will give Americans living abroad have the ability to return to the States if they would like to do so. The prospect of returning to the States and being priced out of healthcare is daunting. This makes the decision to return very difficult. It is my belief that in order to get out the vote abroad, we need to be able to tell voters that the Democratic Party and its presidential nominee will push for legislation that gives healthcare to all. This will provide many Americans abroad with the financial independence and freedom of movement that many of them are currently lacking.

I believe that I would be a good delegate for Bernie because I have the support of a large grassroots organization, Germany for Bernie. I have campaigned side-by-side with Americans and non-Americans and have had phone conversations about Bernie and his platform from people all over the United States.

I will endeavor to get out the vote for Democrats Abroad in the November general election and will encourage our grassroots organization to engage for the eventual nominee.

We are already coming up with ways to support down-ballot candidates, including by mobilizing our experienced phonebanking crew. I have canvassed in Berlin to make people aware of the Democrats Abroad presidential primary by going from bar to bar at night in a trendy district, standing outside a subway station at a large university, and informing study-abroad students at a university class.

I have extensively volunteered helping refugees find permanent housing in Berlin, a city with a severe shortage of affordable housing. I thus have a lot of experience working together with people from cultures and with life experiences much different than my own.

I have been living in Germany since 2011 and work as a translator and copy editor.

Attached is a video of me introducing myself and a letter of recommendation from Claire Lops, one of the lead organizers of Germany for Bernie. I am proud to have her recommendation and would be overjoyed to be selected as a delegate for Bernie Sanders.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions at

Adam Bresnahan

Dear Electors,

I am writing you to strongly support the candidacy of delegate candidate Adam Bresnahan because I am truly convinced that he will best represent our interests.

As a US-American lawyer living abroad in Berlin, I have met Adam multiple times during political activities for the Bernie Sanders campaign. Adam has been working tirelessly within and outside of the group Germany For Bernie over the course of the last twelve months. His efforts have made a huge difference in getting out the vote for the Global Presidential Primary as well as in the US.

I have witnessed numerous conversations between Adam and potential voters in which he not only informed people about their right to vote from abroad but also convinced them to go the extra mile of becoming a part of our great democratic process. It has been refreshing to see how important it has been for him to give Americans abroad a voice and how many new members signed up with Democrats Abroad Germany as a direct result of his work.

Adam not only cares deeply about political rights, but also has the rare gift of being able to communicate with people regardless of opinion and political affiliation. This, alongside the fact that all of our volunteers have true respect for Adam, is one of the main reasons that convince me that he would be an excellent delegate.

If you would like a delegate who has the interests of Democrats Abroad and the protection of our political rights at heart, Adam is the ideal person for the job.

I can only encourage everyone to reach out to Adam for further conversation.

Kindest regards,
Claire Lops, LL.M

Lead Organizer Germany For Bernie
Former Co-Chair – Bernie Abroad Campaign

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