ORGA Meeting March 6 2020 Vögelchen

Post-Super Tuesday structural change

EXTERNAL contact points (and task organization):

1. General Enquiries – – Claire, Jia, Neo, Oliver
2. Event organization – – Nadirah, Jia, + +
3. Press Enquiries – – Oliver, Claire, + +

INTERNAL task organization:


1. Facebook
Overview: Claire
Wall postings / comments : Ian / Evan
Events: Nadirah
Inbox / Communications: Claire +
Outreach: +

2. Twitter: Claire +?
3. Instagram: Claire
4. Meetup: Jia
5. Newsletter: Tyler

OUTREACH – Grow the movement in Germany

1. Reach out / Find Bernie people in Germany – help them set up and grow local movements
Goals: Show united front – Sunday Phonebanking / Debate Watch 16 March 7pm
Tools: Search FB Expat groups, troll Slack, reach out on Reddit, internet forums
Current state: Long list of people who have volunteered to poll watch, can tap into list.
People: Jake, David?, + +

Email addresses for each city? Hamburg@, Munich@ etc? – can also be forwarding aliases to normal email addresses

2. Continue to connect with political groups, activists, causes
So far: Anti-Amazon in Berlin, ClosetheCamps (aequa), protests at Fridays for Future, Anti-War Iran
– Feminist movement with Bernie?


Blog / Website to share articles, our perspectives, contributions
Taskforce: Ted, Jacob, Roberto, ++

Podcast – continue!
Taskforce: Julia, Oscar, Jake ++

Website – looking for volunteers who can help update, restructure/redesign


Main Group ONLY for annoucnements, organizational – only admins can post
– Support groups : Discussion group, Dank Meme group, Text/Call Group
– Kiez Groups stay for future phonebanking, events

New Channel/Public Group for all Germany?
– who will admin?


Germany for Bernie Main Group – for all Bernie announcements and updates. At the moment also for sharing resources in regard to the Coronavirus outbreak:

Germany for Bernie Discussion Group – for all rants, raves, articles and thoughts

Bernie Dank Meme Stash

Germany for Bernie Text and Calling Group – sharing memorable moments and hilarious texts

30. Jan 2020 Monthly Meeting – Canvassing discussion

1. Technicalities of Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary (GPP)

2. Networking Germany for Bernie

  • Existing groups in Munich, Leipzig, Dresden, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Hamburg?
  • Facebook groups to be made for every major city/region – please check back for announcement (when all groups are linked) – or already get your friends to search and add themselves. E.g. “Munich for Bernie” “Cologne for Bernie..” etc.
  • Posters and Flyers for EVERY voting location is on the website – download / print / request prints –
  • Looking for Bernie people in every city, at the very least to put up posters – connect friends/berners via facebook or or twitter or any social media account
  • Bonus – register with DA and volunteer at the polls at every location

    Side note: ca. 200,000 U.S. Citizens in Germany, 20,000 in Berlin – in 2016 the total number who voted in the GPP in Germany was 3,000.

3. Canvassing Berlin! 20,000 U.S. citizens to reach

  • INFORM people of GPP – most people are open to Bernie but unaware of possibility to vote from abroad easily
  • Telegram groups for 5 Bezirks in Berlin for canvassing purposes – links below
  • Feel free to write, suggest tabling / canvassing / postering / stickering dates and times.
  • Flyers and Posters always available – ask anytime or pick up more at any meeting.
  • Shout out to Marissa Hsu for amazing design! 🙂

Suggested places:
– Universities, Colleges, international schools
– Language schools
– English-speaking clubs, theaters
– Party neighborhoods – Bars, clubs – also possible to canvass when people are waiting in line
– Concerts, comedy clubs
– Friends, friends of friends
– tabling outside Ubahn / Entrances to places
– all ideas welcomed

– Posters in workplaces, schools, cafĂ©s, supermarkets, bulletin boards anywhere
– Bernie Beats Trump Stickers for pick-up and for stickering everywhere

4. Events Feburary 2020!

  • Feb 11 in Ma Halle – Panel on Bernie + Socialism
  • Event in Prachtwerk – Townhall style + party
  • More events very welcomed! Let’s fill Feburary with events before Global Presidential Primary begins on March 3rd
  • Any ideas + to help out, please get in touch with Olivia (Telegram or

5. Fundraising Germany For Bernie

  • Expenses
    1. internet for phonebanking and events – router + hotspot + SIM karte subscription
    2. email server
    3. flyers and posters for distribution
    4. travel / postage costs for helping groups in other cities
  • Paypal account to be set up for private sharing
  • Sell T-shirts, donations at events


Invite link for main Berlin Bernie group:

Canvassing groups by Berlin Neighborhoods (please join!):

Wilmersdorf – Charlottenburg – Schöneberg – Spandau

Mitte – Tiergarten – Moabit

Wedding – Prenzlauer Berg – Pankow – Weisensee

Friedrichschain – Kreuzberg – Neukölln – Treptow – Köpenick

Steglitz – Zehlendorf – Dahlem – Tempelhof – Lichterfelde


Fun / Support / Discussion Groups:
Germany for Bernie Discussion Group

Bernie Texts “Best of” – for texts that need to be saved for posterity

Bernie Dank Meme Stash